Bamboo leaves have been used in Asian Traditional Medicine for its anti-inflammation and detoxification properties for over a thousand years.

Bambu Salubre is the only manufacturer of bamboo leaf products in the Philippines. Bamboo leaves have been used in Asian traditional medicine for its anti-inflammation and detoxification properties for over a thousand years. Bamboo leaves have been widely used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for its therapeutic values Scientific studies have proven the effect of bamboo on different pharmacological activities such as spontaneous motor activity (Nagasawa and Hattori, 2001) and anti-tumor activity (Tsunoda et. al. 1998). Researchers have concurred that bamboo leaf extract is capable of free radical scavenging, anti-oxidation, anti-ageing and the preclusion of cardiovascular diseases (Zhang and Ding, 1996, Zhang and Ding, 1997, Tang and Ding, 2000).

We have developed functional foods from bamboo leaves such as teas, hydrosols, bamboo leaf extract and lozenges.

Our skincare products are basic and essential for everyday living. They include handmade bar soaps, Castile soap and hand sanitizers. They are 100% biodegradable and 100% natural. Our skin is incredibly absorptive. Massaging the skin with chemical soap introduces these toxins into the body, entirely unfiltered. Repeated exposures of chemical ingredients can and will build up in the body over time.

Harvard naturalist and Pulitzer Prize winner Edward O. Wilson coined the term biophilia meaning love of living things. He believes that Nature holds the key to health. He believes that we have an affinity for nature because we are part of nature and we are happier (and heathier) when we look at flowers and grass rather than concrete or steel. As part of the natural world, we are connected to and restored by it. Our bamboo garden is a space where we can reconnect with Nature. Plants in this garden are especially chosen for their medicinal properties or for their traditional uses in cleansing and restoring our natural balance. We have made use of as many natural features as possible. This includes the contours of the ground Bamboos, herbs, shrubs, flowers and trees form a solid natural link with the earth energies and enhance their flow. Bamboos are particularly important as they create a canopy of energy over the garden. People in frequent contact with bamboo experience increased strength, stamina, and energy. The ancient Chinese recognized this and used bamboo to clear negative energy and to revitalize energy flow. Bamboos stimulate creativity and improve artistic communication. They supply a rustle, a gentle background noise that helps to concentrate and to soothe the weary mind. For your garden and landscaping needs, we propagate 16 species of ornamental bamboos.