Aroma (Pandan Hydrosol)


This blend of Bamboo and Pandan hydrosol makes a delectable flavor for beverages, rice and desserts. Distilled in a copper still in small batches to guarantee that your waters are super fresh, just for your order!

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Our hydrosols are produced by steam distillation of 1 kilogram plant material resulting to 1 liter of hydrosol.


Our hydrosol is steam distilled in a copper alembic still that has been used for hundreds of years for pharmacopoeia. Copper is not only beautiful, it is durable, resistant to corrosion and is a superior heat conductor. Proper heat distribution is very important in distilling so that the aromatic vapors are evenly heated and cooled during the process. Copper has antibacterial properties that preserves the purity of the water making our hydrosol free from bacterial contamination.


Our copper still was meticulously handcrafted  from a thicker grade copper, CE certified in Portugal, the alembic still manufacturing capital of the world, It has  riveted seams and weds  done with copper or brass so there is no lead on the still at all.


Our Copper Steam Distillation Unit


In the steam distillation unit, pure, clean water is heated and presses itself slowly through the plant material as vapor, collecting the essential oil and other ingredients. The molecules that make up the oil are larger than water molecules. They take up more space per unit area and are less dense. Thus, essential oils float leaving hydrosols easy to collect. They contain a very small amount of essential oil and other water- soluble agents from the plant.


Our hydrosols are produced under aseptic conditions. They are stored in clear containers, away from heat, light, and humidity. Their shelf life ranges from 6-12 months. Hydrosols don’t need preservatives such as alcohols to keep them fresh.




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Bamboo, Citronella, Lemon Grass, Guava, Pandan, Mulberry