What We Produce

The Bambú Salubre brand was created in early 90s based on the twin pillars of innovation and quality awareness. As a result of our continuous research and experimentation, we made changes in our business operations focusing mainly on


1. Research and development (R&D) of bamboo leaf products and other natural products
2. Cultivation of our own plant materials needed to introduce new products to our existing customer base.


As a pioneer in bamboo propagation and production, Salubre’s close ties with bamboo have been established early in the company’s history. These ties are further reinforced through its own living bamboo collection.


We have blended bamboo with other plants (herbs, spices roots, leaves and flowers) to achieve greater synergism between them. The active botanicals work together to support health and well-being.


Subsequently, we have established SANTARRA Natural Products, Inc (Santara Urban Farm) as the manufacturing and marketing arm of Bambu Salubre for pure and blended bamboo products.


Our farm is small, family- owned and family operated. Our products are natural. Botanicals are either wildcrafted or grown in our farm. We use natural farming methods (100% chemical-free, GMO-free), therefore, healthy and sustainable.